Welcome to Click Clothing Company

Our  Holding Company, Groupe International B.V., situated in The Netherlands is founded in1982 and ever since they have delivered a minimum weekly production sale of 80.000 pieces to various chain-stores. We are now using all our experience of various technical, organizational, production and marketing skills for our new company, Click Clothing Company PVT LTD, which was founded in India, (Faridabad) in 2012.

Click Clothing Company exclusively aims at the development and production of shawls and blouses. Our philosophy is that we must be able to offer a complete Western orientated product from our Indian Company and that it complies with all quality demands, which the Western markets demand for their middle- and premium market. And furthermore, within our own organization we must be able to make subsequent-deliveries for most of our products within 30 days, by means of a very close co-operation with our customer. We are not interested in the discount markets.

In order to reach these goals our collections are developed and distributed in The Netherlands and in Belgium under our brand names.

These collections, which are of a very high fashionable and commercial standard belong to the top brands in the mentioned markets. All our designs are laid down under copyright, so we can guarantee you exclusivity. We do not have the intention to enter into many other countries with our brands and therefore you, as a potential customer, can benefit from the advantages of buying directly at Click Clothing Company in India.

And of course, if required, we support our co-operation with our European Sales Department in order to visit you on the spot in your office. A new concept, aimed at the present quick changes of the markets, is born.

Hopefully it will Click (!) together…